Why You Should Set Up Autopayments for Your RTO Structures

Is simplifying your financial responsibilities part of your New Year’s resolutions? If so, we’ve got the perfect solution to help you meet those goals this year!

Our auto-payment system is a simple way to meet your financial obligations for your portable building while also easing the burden of remembering when your payment is due. Though it’s simple to make a payment [link] on our website, setting up automatic payments simplifies the process even more.

So, why should you set up auto-payments for your portable storage solutions? Let us count the ways!

  1. Reduce Your Stress
    Stress builds up when things in your life become overwhelming. We know, and we understand – and we’re here to help! Our autopay system allows you to ‘set-it and forget it’, keeping your life easily moving forward without stressing whether or not your R&B Portable Solutions’s bill has been paid on time.

  2. Never Miss a Payment
    While some of us are great at remembering the details, some of us don’t excel in this area – and that’s okay! However, by forgetting details, you may not always remember to pay your bills on time. There’s a simple solution to help you never forget to pay your portable structure bill: automatic bill payment!

    If you’ve followed any financial professionals, you’re likely familiar with the term and the ease of never missing a payment. Many of these professionals recommend adding all of your bills to an auto-pay system in order to avoid missing your payments.

  3. Never Pay Late Fees
    In many instances when a payment is late, there are late fees. These late fees can increase your payment and cause additional interest on your investment. However, our automatic bill payment system will help you avoid these late fees by never missing a payment on your portable structure.

  4. Avoid Negative Credit Reporting
    Anytime you miss a payment, there’s the potential that that late or missed payment could be reported to any or all of the three credit bureaus, negatively impacting your credit score. In some cases, those missed or late payments, if they’ve been reported to the credit bureaus, can take years to remove from your credit history.

    However, all of this negativity can be avoided when you set up automatic bill payments. We are here to help, and want to ensure that your credit is never negatively impacted by one of our Rent-to-Own purchase options.

  5. Flexibility and Safety
    Though all of these are great reasons to set up automatic bill payment, the best reason is the safety and flexibility that our auto-pay system provides. Our dedicated payment specialists work with you throughout the entire process, making sure that the payments are set up on a schedule that work best for your financial situation. If you ever need to change the terms or the date, we’re here to help you with that too!

Contact R&B Portable Solutions’s Autopay Representatives

Are you ready to set up your Rent-to-Own monthly payments on our automatic billpay system? Great! Our representatives are available to help you easily move from a monthly payment you have to remember to one that’s less stressful!

Contact us online or via telephone at 770-715-0862 to get started!

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