What Does Section 232 Mean for Portable Steel Builders


Recently, President Trump announced he would use the Section 232 National Security Provision to invoke a 10% tax on aluminum imports and a 25% tax on steel imports. This piece of legislation offers multiple benefits to national security in addition to  bolstering growth within the industry.

How Does Section 232 Help Aluminum & Steel Producers?

For approximately ten years, the price of aluminum and steel has been driven down due to overproduction by China, which has increased pressure on American steel producers. Did you know virtually half of the steel created in December of 2017 was sourced from Chinese mills?

In fact, China represented more than the combined production of steel in the United States, Russia, Japan, and the 28 countries making up the EU. This overproduction of Chinese steel has caused significant stress on the American steel industry. However, Section 232 tariffs were initiated to help save American jobs and restore stability to American steel and aluminum manufacturing.

What Makes Steel Production an Issue of National Security?

When steel and aluminum manufacturing fails to operate at a minimum of 80% utilization, steel producers may not have the ability to meet wartime demands. This means manufacturers are less likely to be able to create essential materials and weapons in a time of war. In addition, operating below 80% hampers the ability to:

  • Improve steel manufacturing efficiencies
  • Bolster steel and aluminum manufacturing capacities
  • Develop new products and solutions

By enacting Section 232, the government is working to improve our steel and aluminum manufacturing capabilities, which can be a matter of national security.

Section 232 Will Save American Jobs

The 25% steel tariff and 10% aluminum tariff on imports will reduce the massive influx of cheap Chinese steel. As a result, the production of steel and aluminum by American manufacturers will increase, which leads to increased profits.

These increased profits and demands will reduce the pressure on manufacturers to lay off American workers. On the contrary, Section 232 will empower steel producers to hire more workers to meet the increased demand. Proof of the effect of tariffs can be explained by the Peterson Institute for International Economics who estimated President Bush’s 2002 steel tariffs saved up to 4,000 American steel jobs.

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