Custom Pole Barns In Jackson, Georgia

A pole barn is today’s modern solution for all of your storage and agricultural needs. Our expansive and customizable pole barns offer a durable and long-lasting alternative to traditional wooden barns. R&B Solutions is proud to offer pole barns for agricultural, personal storage, and commercial purposes.

Build Your Dream Storage Barn Or Commercial Business

Custom Built Pole Barn

Regardless of whether you need to store farm equipment, house livestock, or you’re interested in starting a business that requires a substantial amount of space, our pole barns are the ideal solution.

Create a space that maximizes the possibilities for growth and opportunity on your property! If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can use your new barn to open up additional revenue streams such as boarding livestock for others, or even store grains, hay, and other commodities. 

Do you have toys such as RVs, boats, farm equipment, or four-wheelers? A pole barn serves as the perfect place to safeguard these significant investments.

Add More Functional Living Space To Your Property

In addition to using pole barns for strictly commercial or storage purposes, these custom structures can also be configured to include functional work or additional living space on your property. You can add meeting rooms, offices, game rooms, media rooms, private gym space, kitchens, bedrooms, and other types of living space in your new structure.

In addition to metal barns, R & B Solutions also sells a variety of portable buildings including basic metal structures, wood structures, greenhouses, playsets, and gazebos to beautify your property and provide the room your family needs to grow.

We supply kits, trusses, and the materials to make your dream of having a pole barn become a reality!

Eye-Catching Barns Stand The Test Of Time

Our barns are eye-catching, functional, and long-lasting. Unlike traditional barns, the exterior of metal barns is resistant to damages caused by long-term exposure to direct sunlight, rain, hail, extreme temperatures, and humidity. The longstanding benefits of building with 100% recyclable materials are countless.

Enjoy The Pride Of Ownership

R & B Solutions helps people enjoy the pride of ownership of a new barn or metal structure. With flexible financing and payment options available, it is easier than you think to get the barn – or other structure – of your dreams installed on your property. Built to suit, buyers can customize the building to meet their needs ranging with options like windows, multiple types of doors, and even the color of the building.

Color options for siding and roofing on pole barns include:

  • Black – Black is always classy and stately.
  • White – White is clean and crisp.
  • Light Gray – Light gray blends well in all environments.
  • Taupe – Taupe is natural and appealing.
  • Berry – Berry is vibrant and striking.
  • Rustic Red – Rustic red is nostalgic and classical.
  • Ivy Green – Ivy green is welcoming and pure.
  • Charcoal – Charcoal is understated and distinguished.
  • Cocoa Brown – Cocoa brown is comforting and calming.
  • Saddle Tan – Saddle tan is neutral and attractive
  • Ivory – Ivory is pure and authentic.
  • Hawaiian Blue – Hawaiian blue is cheery and uplifting.
  • Bare Galvalume – Bare galvalume is functional and industrial.

Partial And Fully Enclosed Pole Barns Available

In some cases, you might not need or want a fully enclosed metal barn. For instance, you might only want to build a partially enclosed storage area for large equipment or to use the covered space for other purposes such as gathering area, or a picnic spot. Our pole barn configurations are flexible, allowing you to create the space that you find the most useful for your personal or commercial requirements.

Your Jackson Georgia Metal Barn Supplier

R & B Solutions is the leading provider of metal pole barn kits, parts, and installation throughout Georgia. If you need to add functional space to your property for personal or commercial use, you can trust our metal building professionals to provide the highest level of service and product quality. 

We take pride knowing that our company has helped thousands of homeowners, business owners, and commercial operators with their metal building construction projects since 2003.
Contact a professional at R & B Solutions for more information on our high-quality metal barn products.