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If you have young children or grandchildren, or if you own or run a daycare, school, or church, then providing kids with a fun and safe play environment helps keep them active and helps unleash their imagination.

R&B Solutions partners with PlaygroundOne to bring our customers competitive pricing options for residential and commercial play sets. These durable playground sets last for years and provide a way to get active and prevent boredom. While being customizable, you can select a configuration that meets the needs of your family or business. Made of high-quality Cedar, these play-sets are functional, beautiful, and meet all safety standards.

PlaygroundOne has manufactured playground sets for over two decades, and during this time, they’ve taken all the needed steps to adhere to new safety standards. Pinch-free swings, secure grips, and double wall slides help to keep kids safe when using the equipment.


combat against inactivity

Weight issues and physical inactivity are serious health concerns for today’s children. Outdoor play areas provide functional and fun space for kids to run, climb, swing, and use their imagination. Forts and Mega Sets are larger structures that can get customized with crawl tunnels, dual slides, monkey bars, rock walls, and more. With all of these outstanding options, you have a robust solution for combating against boredom.

say goodbye to your old metal swing-sets

These days, families don’t have to settle for boring, outdated metal swing-sets. Both instability and the presence of rust could pose serious health threats to kids. An unstable swing-set could easily tip over if pushed to the limits. Further, a rusted out swing-set is generally unsafe for multiple reasons.

custom play areas stand the test of time

Unlike metal frame swing-sets, customized play areas made from weather-resistant Cedar Wood are attractive and durable. Regardless of whether you have an expansive backyard or you have a smaller usable space, there is a play-set configuration to meet your needs. Available options include:

bring the fun to your backyard

All kids like to have fun; but for parents, it can be inconvenient to bring your kids to a playground. By getting a professional play area constructed on your property, you never have to worry about the potential danger of playing in public areas; and instead, you get to experience the joy of being able to let your kids go out to play in the safety of their own home. It doesn’t matter if it is morning, noon, or evening! If they have the energy, you have a place for them to play.;

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