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Did you know you can use pole barn kits for much more than you’ve ever imagined? Pole barns are versatile and incredibly useful structures found throughout Griffin, Jackson, Macon, or Barnesville, Georgia. They offer a wide range of uses for families of all different sizes and locations.

R&B Portable Solutions can help you find new and innovative ways to use your pole barn storage shed. We specialize in helping our customers think outside of the box and get the most utility out of pole barns. Continue reading for 10 uses for pole barns on your farm you’ve probably never considered.

Pole Barns Make Perfect Storage in Georgia

Any size pole barn offers the storage you need, and you can place it exactly where you need it. The common uses of pole barns on South Georgia farms include storage for

  • Hay
  • Machinery shed
  • Live stock

Create More with Artistic Backyard Workshops

In Georgia, yard barns can be creative outlets. You can store wood working equipment and supplies, and create the space to use it for all your wood hobby needs. And when you purchase your own pole barn kit, you never have to leave your own space to create masterpieces.

Run-In Sheds to Stay Dry in Griffin & Barnesville

Farmers in Griffin, Jackson, Macon, and Barnesville know that our spring and summer weather can turn on a dime. Get out of a sudden thunderstorm in a hurry and stay protected with our pole barn kits. R&B Portable Solutions offers fully customizable barn kits for sale for residents of Georgia and beyond.

Vehicle Garages in Griffin, Barnesville, Macon, & Jackson

Keep your vehicles safe from the elements by storing them inside a pole barn. Our fully-customizable pole barns are the perfect solution for one, two, three or more vehicles. From tractors and farm vehicles to antique cars and trucks to daily commuters, every vehicle in Georgia needs a garage!

Storefronts in Jackson, Macon, Barnesville & Griffin

Georgia yard barns also serve as great retail space for farm products, quilt stores, or basically a shop for anything you make and sell. It’s more inviting and better protected from the elements than an outdoor roadside stand!

Office Space in South Georgia

Our customizable pole barn kits can be uniquely designed to accommodate desk working areas. Depending on availability of service, you can even hook up Internet access. Create a mini kitchen and invite clients over to impress them! Say goodbye to expensive office space rentals, and create your own office with R&B Portable Solutions.

Indoor Horse-Riding Space

Equine riding is necessary for horse owners – you can’t let those horses stand still forever! But if it’s raining, you can at least ride them inside a pole barn to help give their legs a little stretch.

Pole Barns Make Great Rec Rooms for Family Time

A pole barn is perfect for family game time. Set up pool tables, cornhole, horseshoes, whatever you and your family enjoy!

Create Space for Visiting Friends and Family Guest House

Create a space for visitors to stay with comfort and privacy. It’s far enough removed that they won’t feel as though they are intruding – especially on extended stays – but they’re near enough that you can easily enjoy their company.

Shape Your Own Personal Gym

Create your own exercise area; store all the equipment there, and use when your workout routine commands!

Contact R&B Portable Solutions— the Expert Pole Barn Builders

Whether you are ready to purchase a pole barn or have just identified a need; the experts at R&B Portable Buildings can help. We’ll carefully listen to your problems and suggest the best possible solution. And if we discover a pole barn is the best way to go, the expert team of pole barn builders at R&B Portable Solutions will design and build the ideal pole barn for your farm or yard.

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