Moving with Your Building, Garage or Playset

That dreadful word… moving. It’s hard enough as it is with the normal things to check off your list like utilities, packing, unpacking, moving trucks and more. One thing you don’t need to stress over is what to do with your portable building, garage or playset during the process. Whether you need to move your building across town or just across your own property, R&B Solutions provides this service for you!

What to Know When Moving with Your Building

While R&B Solutions provides this as a service to our customers, there are a few things to know. For starters, where the building is being moved and what to provide to our team during the process; such as:

  • All playset and portable moves must be approved by management.
  • Please provide pictures of your portable, especially the bottom where the skids are. Pictures of playsets are required also. 
  • All buildings must be completely emptied upon removal.
  • Please review our Terms, Conditions, & Warranties page for details.
  • Contact any one of our corporate locations for pricing or questions. 

A few more things to consider when moving your building is the new location. Just like with your building was originally installed, site preparation of the new location may be needed as well. Talk to one of our highly trained specialists to get specifics on your location and building that will fit your needs.

Contact R&B Solutions

Ready to plan your building, garage, or playset move? We’ve got you covered! Just contact us online or by phone at 770-715-0862 to get started. Our team will walk you through the entire process and is happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.

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