Benefits of Having Your Own Greenhouse

Is there anything better than picking fresh fruits, veggies or herbs right from your own garden to use in r your next meal or enjoying them raw? We think not, which is why we added our greenhouse line [link] in the first place. Let’s face it – not all of us who enjoy gardening live in an area suitable for the things we want to grow – much less to grow them year round! 

So, let’s chat a minute about some of the wonderful benefits of having your own greenhouse at home.

Do you enjoy freshly cut flowers? Imagine being able to walk outside in the chill of winter and grab a few roses or daisies right from your greenhouse for that special someone, a family event, or just to enjoy without the need to run to the store.

One of the biggest benefits of having a greenhouse is the ability to grow your own food even when the weather may not be suitable. A greenhouse provides a safe place to plant the garden of your dreams while also being a stylish addition to your property. An R&B Solutions greenhouse is made from steel tubing, metal panels, and skylights – all of which create the perfect housing for your plants throughout the entire year.

A Greenhouse Protects Plants from Environmental Factors

Plants may naturally grow outdoors, but as anyone who’s ever tried to garden knows, they still need protection from a wide range of environmental factors.

A greenhouse helps to keep squirrels, rabbits, birds and insects at bay. The greenhouse’s structure helps prevent the entrance of rodents and insects that could destroy your garden when planted on the ground. 

An added bonus: use less chemicals since the greenhouse does a lot of the work for you! So no more shooing away birds or building and covering your plants with a cage (like one made from chicken wire and sticks). A greenhouse provides a sturdy, enclosed environment specifically built to house your plants and help keep out the critters.

Grow What You Want, All Year Long

From starting seeds to transplanting seedlings, a greenhouse can help every step of the way. No room to start seeds indoors? No problem! The greenhouse can help with that too while preventing seeds and other plants from getting too much water from those random summer downpours.

Speaking of summer, many people know that a greenhouse helps things grow by keeping the air warmer on the inside during the cooler months. However, did you know that a greenhouse can also protect your plants from the heatwaves as well? Just open one of the two included windows or install a cooling system if you are growing plants that are sensitive to extreme temperatures. If you live in a non-tropical climate, the higher heat created by a greenhouse would be perfect for growing foods, such as tropical fruits, or exotic flowers you normally couldn’t. 

During the winter months you could have access to fresh tomatoes, greens, and more by growing them in your greenhouse. Bonus: no moving the plants back and forth or worrying about prepping specific ones for winter.

Get Started on Your Greenhouse Order

Are you ready to get your garden started in a new greenhouse? We would love to help and answer any questions you may have along the way. Just contact R&B Solutions, headquartered in Jackson, Ga, online or by phone 770-715-0862 to place an order or speak to one of our customer service representatives to start the process today.

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